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Irish Longsnapper

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Irish Longsnapper

Postby LS59 » Wed Jan 14, 2009 10:16 am

Hey i am longsnapper from ireland. I long snap for my team in ireland and also play OG
But i am better at longsnapping. I was wondering if there would be anyway i could try and get to play football in a college in america etc or do i have to have to have gone to high school in america.
I have never had a bad snap really for my team and i have a pretty good snap time.
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Re: Irish Longsnapper

Postby BCeagle51 » Fri Apr 03, 2009 10:06 am

Hey Bro,
Getting recruited as a long snapper is different from other positions due to the fact that for every team there is one scholarship'd long snapper, snappers are a position that is recruited solely based on demand. Now many teams will bring in walk-ons from the university, so there is usually more than one long snapper on a team, however there is only one that is on scholarship. The tough part to getting recruited as a long snapper is getting noticed, and for you I would say it is going to be even more difficult since Ireland isn't not recruited regularly by college scouts and coaches. So things you can do to get your name out there is attend a Special Teams Camp(punting, kicking, and longsnapping), there is only one I would recommend and that is the Chris Sailer Kicking Camp(, they hold a national competition every January in Las Vegas and one every May in Los Angeles. They also travel the country putting on camps throughout the year. this is the camp I attended and got recruited from. The long snapping instructor is Chris Rubio, he is the foremost authority on collegiate long snapping and if anyone can get your name out there it is him, even if you can't make the camp contacting him could really help out. Many D1 colleges are beginning to do all of their kicking, punting, and snapping recruiting through this camp. I know that is quite a trek from you in Ireland but if you have the means I highly recommend it, especially the one in January. Another thing you can do get your name out their yourself, Make a tape of you snapping and send it out to Colleges, you can even do a little research and see what teams have a upperclassmen snapper and will be needed someone when they graduate. This is how you want to film yourself. Make your your on a Football field with yard markers and have someone line up 14 yards from you. First have the camera angle directly in front of you but make sure that you can still see the punter in the picture. Snap twice with no blocking, Snap twice blocking left, Snap twice blocking right. Then move the camera to the side angle just you, no punter. And again: 2 no block, 2 left block, 2 right block. lastly have the camera back by the punter, and repeat the same snapping sequence. Ideally, if you can, keep the camera rolling, rather than stopping the film after every snap, this is only a minor detail and you obviously only want to send them a film with great snaps, but it will look better if you you record the entire thing through without stopping. What Coaches are looking for as far as the snap is concerned is that it is under .80 seconds (from your first movement to when the ball is caught by the punter) and that it hits the punter within the framework of his body, the bull's eye is the punters right hip.(the person who is catching for you can help you out a little by catching the ball out in front of them). What they are looking for in your blocking is that you get depth off the ball, so when I say block right I don't mean lean or jump out to the right, you want to drop straight back getting as much distance between you and the line of scrimmage, the only thing that should change depending on the direction you block is the way you stagger yourself after the snap, so when going right, slide shuffle straight back with your left leg back and right leg forward, and vice versa for left. So key things, the SNAP: .80 or lower in the framework of the body...the BLOCK: Depth off the line of scrimmage in an athletic position. It would also look good to attach some game film of you snapping as well as some highlights of you at OG to display your athleticism. You want to mail the tape to the Special Teams Coach or Recruiting Coordinator for the Colleges you will send it to.
Hope this helps some bro!
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